Your fieldwork experience will be one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of earning your degree. Your Field Placement Coordinator will help you find the right fit for your field education placement site. This service is included in the program cost and allows you more time to focus on your coursework.

How does the field placement process work?

Your dedicated Spalding Field Placement Team collaborates with you to secure quality field placement sites that reflect your educational goals and desired practice specialty. They ensure all experiences meet CSWE accreditation standards, and the agencies and field instructors are approved prior to the start of your fieldwork.

How do field placement services help me?

Field placement provides hundreds of hours of real-world, hands-on generalist social work experience. Your Field Placement Coordinator helps identify quality placement sites within your local community so that you can focus on your coursework and the core competencies you need to succeed.

When will I be informed of field placement details?

You will receive a notification from your dedicated Field Placement Coordinator prior to each field experience start date.

How should I prepare for my field placement?

Your Field Placement Coordinator and faculty will be with you through the entire process to answer your questions and provide field experience onboarding to ensure your success.